Monday, February 16, 2015

It's President's Day

Little did I know the past week that two days would mark holidays regard our Presidents. Last week the state observed a holiday for Abraham Lincoln which was on his birthday - February 12th. So if you worked for the state of Illinois you have that day off.

Monday is President's Day - a federal holiday - which is for all the Presidents no matter how famous, infamous, or even insignificant.

Then I thought about how at one point the Presidency was of major interest to me. Presidents as we've all learned over the years have an impact on history. Of course some Presidents didn't remain in office to really affect any historic events and in some cases it seems well they didn't have to do anything to have any effect on historic events.

For example the Presidents during the 1850s were elected during an unfortunate period in American history. Either they were ill-equipped to deal with the issue of slavery that threw the nation into a civil war in the 1860s. Or more likely, there was little they could do the calm the nation during the intense debates of those years.

Either way the people who have held the office have been interesting and as we head to the next election in 2016, it would be most interesting to see who will emerge. Our current President Barack Obama certainly came out of nowhere, but who will the torch be passed to in 2017?

The campaign will begin and we'll see another person hope to have a crack to impact history. We can always study the ones who have already been there, but let's look at the ones who want to GET there!

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