Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Capitol Fax: Seriously...

Rich Miller shares some tweets from Illinois' newly minted Republican Governor here's the grossest one. By gross I mean just plain odd:

There was one tweet that took a shot at our new Governor for the failure and FDIC takeover of a black owned bank in Chicago:
To which Miller noted: Sorry, man, but that was done in cahoots with President Obama’s “racist” FDIC… 

Heh, what started this off for that post was references to Rauner's plan for state employees. During Quinn's administration state employee unions were very vocal. I'm sure many are looking for the current Governor to go the route of some of his fellow Republican Governors in mainly blue states. Time can tell.

Not sure if you want to read too much into these tweets. Their only point seem to be a cry for attention.

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