Thursday, December 18, 2014

Remember "Night After Night"

[VIDEO] Often when writing about TV I used to watch in the past, I also write that often times this was stuff that should've been over my head. The reason is basically that this was not TV for a child to watch.

Strange how, I recognize this now. I've written about David Letterman or Arsenio Hall and while it was something to watch that was amuzing it should've been bedtime for me. Somehow I got away with it when it shouldn't have been possible.

One of those shows I remember is Night After Night with Allan Havey. Actually I barely remember it but thanks to YouTube some clips of that long gone talk show are still available. And even found this hilarious clip you see above from the show where Havey shoots his sidekick Nick Bakai because he feared he'd try to take over the show.

It's kind of like Andy Richter being groomed to take Conan O'Brien's TBS show. And imagine Conan pulling out a pistol to eliminate his main competition and Richter only in a silly way falling over after getting shot. Well I mean Conan could do something like that and take it to a whole other level. Let's also hope Conan or any of his writers aren't reading this blog. :P

Regardless I've seen some critiques of Havey's long gone TV talk show. It has been lauded as much more interesting that his contemporaries that aired in the late 1980s and early 90s. It probably couldn't have beaten Johnny Carson, but could it have beaten Pat Sajak (who had his own late night snow in the late 80s)? Could it have beaten Arsenio? Could it have beaten Letterman?

The show aired on a predecessor network to Comedy Central and unfortunately was cancelled way too soon. However since that time Comedy Central has similar shows such as The Daily Show and even The Colbert Report.

Since The Colbert Report will end production soon as namesake host Stephen Colbert is set to step up to the plate as the successor to David Letterman on CBS' The Late Show perhaps Comedy Central should consider a return to a late night show. Perhaps a return of a similar program to Night After Night is in order?

BTW, just for laughs Havey's program featured an "audience of one" who was picked from a mailbag and sat in on the show during the broadcast. Sometimes they participated in sketches as the young lady in the clip had. So here's a website of one individual who served as an audience of one and made quite a splash himself.

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