Friday, May 09, 2014

Crain's: New private bus service targets CTA riders

It seems things go full circle. A bus service in Chicago is seeking to attract public transit riders. And you know the service they offer and their delivery seems very decent. Who can beat free wifi, comfortable seats, a guaranteed ride, no crowding, and express service. For such services you have to pay more than a standard transit fare, but if you want to take the stress out of your commute wouldn't it be worth it.

Besides I also consider that in the past public transit was privately operated and not under the financing of public agencies. When the L was built over a century ago along with the creation of many streetcar and bus routes they provided a necessary service for a growing city to get people to where they need to go. Now, perhaps it's great that options are now being developed to get people to where they need to go with all the necessary amenities.

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