Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Asking the interviewer questions

Lately most of my interviewers opened the interview up to questions. Often it's uncharted territory for me, however, I've grown most comfortable doing so with thinking of the right questions. For the most part it's really not my style to ask a lot of questions.

Lately I changed strategy on asking questions. That is focusing my questions on the role that I would have as opposed to just asking questions. Perhaps asking about routine, expectations, and my usual question that I've developed which is to ask about the background of the interviewer - for example asking them what brought them to the job.

One should always ask about the role for which they're interviewing or applied. Whatever your qualifications were that got you the call for an interview you should always consider the role for which you applied.

In some of my interviews thinking I was showing some ambition I often asked about moving up. Some are willing to answer that question, but at times it seems the interviewer shut down on me anyway. However, if I knew a higher-level position that I was either interested or qualified for perhaps there is a way to inquire about how to get that position but without taking myself out of consideration for the position that I applied for.

At times my questions to interviewers were often random. While it's OK to ask questions about the company for which you want to be employed again show your interest in the position you applied for.

So far though I feel great asking about the role for which I applied and if the interviewer asks for questions it's what you should do. Now the next step to figure is whether or not you should ask about salary during the interview. Besides many of us have been told this is a no-no before you've been offered the job.

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