Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why is that?

I'm reading this article almost three months later and it causes me to ask a question.

According this article a Black state legislator was forced to resign as Chairwoman of her state's legislative Black caucus because she dared to appear with a Lt. Governor who just so happen to be of the opposite party. Now this state legislator Missouri State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed a Democrat stood with a Republican Lt. Governor of Missouri Peter Kinder.

Reading the articles and while not explicitly states - besides it's what I look for - my conclusion was that this was very partisan. The issue was over low-income tax credits for housing.

The question I'd have to ask is what's wrong with supporting someone across party aisles on an issue such as this? Shouldn't there be more bi-partisanship such as this? Besides, there are a lot of issues facing low-income people and minorities why not reach across the aisle to the other other party?

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