Saturday, April 19, 2014

Today's Easter weekend message: "That's My King!"

[VIDEO] Since it's now Easter weekend perhaps it's appropriate to show an religious message. This video I got wind of via Mancow's radio show is an edited clip of a sermon delivered by Dr. S.M. Lockridge. It was certainly a great message and caught my attention when I saw it on TV - Mancow had a daily simulcast on local TV of his radio show.

In any event inspite of the bible quote you see in the subtitle above, this is a long way from a religious blog. Indeed I do not consider myself a religious person. However, just as easily as now I want to put more focus onto Cubs games, perhaps it's time to focus on doing religious things. Crack open a bible or go to church services.

Perhaps now is the time for that, again, in my life.

Also if you want to hear Dr. Lockridge's full sermon - apparently a whole hour - you can watch it here.I have yet to hear the full sermon, but hopefully it's as good as that 3 minute video you see above.

One last question in relation to this video: "Do you know him?"

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