Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Ultimate Warrior...

[VIDEO] It was very cool watching the Ultimate Warrior on Monday Night Raw this week. I didn't immediately recognize him when I tuned in because for some reason I still got his youthful appearance in my head still. What I saw was a gray-haired man with a goatee running around with a red-tie and suit along with an airbrush painted overcoat.

He even spoke like Ultimate Warrior and even donned an Ultimate Warrior mask. Hmmm didn't he usually paint his face? Anyway little did I realize that Warrior - which was his legal name he was born James Brian Hellwig - would share this one last moment with his fans. He died on Tuesday! :(

I've understood over the years that he's had many disputes with the WWF's owner Vince McMahon. Only recently did he return to not only become a member of the WWE hall of fame, but to become an ambassador for the company that made him famous.

Well wrestling fans, I hope you saw the last appearance of the Ultimate Warrior in a WWE ring. It's sad, but the appearance on Monday was truly a treat!

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