Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Capitol Fax: Post gubernatorial job opportunities?

Changing subjects slightly I saw today that the Capitol Fax had a question of the day involving Pat Quinn. The Governor of Illinois made it known recently that he wouldn't run for another term if he won a 2nd term this year. This is his idea of term limits. ;)

So the community over at CapFax were forced to come up with "snarky" post-gubernatorial job opportunities. I decided to consider what some of Illinois' former Governors have been doing since they left the job.

Daniel Walker - he was involved in a savings & loan scandal thatresulted in him being one of three of our recent governors of Illinois sent to prison. Although what sent him to jail had little to do with what he did as governor. It was basically what he did after he served as Governor.

James Thompson - Illinois' longest serving Governor was a US Attorney before his election in 1976 and ultimately he left the governor's office to practice law. His law firm was involved in the defense of another Illinois Governor sent to prison, George Ryan.

Jim Edgar - after serving two terms as Governor, he served as a distinguished fellow at the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs. There were attempts to enlist Edgar back into politics for example to run for the Senate seat that ultimately went to President Barack Obama and to run against Rod Blagojevich when he ran for re-election. It's safe to say though that Edgar doesn't seem interested in running for political office again.

George Ryan - another Governor who served time in prison in this case for activities that happened before he became governor. His time out of office certain involved his trail in federal court, but not certain of his activities before going to prison and after his release. I'm sure he did a lot of speaking after commuting all death row sentences and putting a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois. Just to note the death penalty has been abolished here.

Rod Blagojevich - another Governor who is currently serving his prison sentence for activities that he engaged in as governor is another governor who's time out of office involved his trial and conviction. Of course before he trial he kept himself in the public eye with appearances on reality shows such as The Apprentice. Another note he's the only Illinois Governor removed from office as a result of his activities in office.

Now if Quinn loses his office this year or does survive until 2018 at least, what would be the Governor's future. Could it be any of the answers provided in the Capitol Fax? There were some good ones especially those capitalizing on his time as Governor. It was even suggested he could purchase the LA Clippers from Donald Sterling although I never knew that Quinn was wealthy!

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