Friday, March 14, 2014


Something I like to pride myself is being a good writer although at times my writing isn't as clear as it should be. Sometimes I go through past posts and see where the grammar and the meaning of sentences could be improved. Often times I just simply change them long after the fact.

I'm usually prompted when finding that old posts recieves visitors although the main thing about blogs is that they're constantly updated. For the most part a blog reader isn't exactly going through the archives thoroughly. They're reading for the more recent posts and the blog must be constantly updated.

Reading one of the more recent posts one morning there was one mistake that certainly changed the meaning of what was supposed to be said. It was the post about the state trooper who took a phone call answering questions about a newly enacted law his agency was expected to enforce. Seeing the mistake although days after the fact, it was important to make a word substitution to make clear the point of the necessary statement.

Acknowledging that as a blogmaster that sometimes writing mistake are made, it's time to do better within that regard. Perhaps it's time to do some proofreading before hitting publish. Even better perhaps the post need not be published when done writing, but can be scheduled so that there is time to properly proofread. Or at the very least leave the post as the draft so that it would get one more proofread before publication.

With that being said, I shall do better in the future!

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