Sunday, October 06, 2013

VIDEO: Why More People Identify as Libertarian

[VIDEO] When I mull this question I consider how easy it is to identify oneself as a libertarian. There are some issues that are verifiably libertarian that I'm favor of such as the decriminalization of some illegal narcotics for example. Although it's still difficult for me to identify as a libertarian primarily because I still haven't figured out all that term entails.

It comes to mind that a few years ago Governor Eliot Spitzer of NY was forced to resign because as it turned out the feds discovered that he was paying an escort mega bucks before he became governor for her services. When that news came out people were talking about how prostitution should be legal and then identified themselves as libertarian. I even recall a segment where a caller called into Rush Limbaugh to note that they think this should be legal.

Of course I walked into another libertarian idea that prostitution should be legalized. Although to be sure I'm not sure what justifies this position, perhaps that prostitution is a victimless crime or something of that sort. Admittedly there is a lot to learn about this ideology on my part and the various positions that are taken.

When I first saw this video above over at Newsalert, those were my thoughts on this question. And at least there's Reason or Lew Rockwell among others who could educate me further on libertarianism and its tenets.

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