Monday, September 02, 2013

Washington Post: 9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask

International affairs isn't often a frequent subject on this blog. A friend asked about Syria - and also made sure to note that I'm a political science major as kept up with this news much more often than I have - he wanted to know what was going on there. My best answer for him was that the regime there was losing control of the nation.

He mentioned how Russia and the United Kingdom have rejected involvement in any type of intervention there. Although let's say for certain that the UK is more of an ally at this point than our friends over there in Russia. So basically the UK & Russia doesn't believe Syria is their fight.

It looks like the US is about to engage in some intervention because in attempting to re-assert control of Syria the regime of President Bashar al-Assad has utilized chemical weapons. This almost seems like Iraq all over again although it's hard for me to think of Assad in the same terms of Saddam Hussein who was his fellow Ba'athist.

All the same, I'm woefully ignorant of everything happening there. Hopefully this brief reader of the situation in Syria will educate myself and you the reader.

Let's be clear, I consider myself a domestic guy however let's remember that no matter how not good things may be here in America somewhere in the world is a deadly conflict. Let's hope Syria can finally have domestic tranquility.

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Anonymous said...

I kept thinking this was supposed to be a satire of pundits, or a satire of dumbing-down for insular American readers. Or was it ghost-written by one of your college interns? I can appreciate dark humor but this flippant tone was too much.

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