Tuesday, September 10, 2013

VIDEO: President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria

[VIDEO] On Tuesday night the President gave his speech on the Syrian situation. He noted a number of developments that has roused intervention by the US Government in the civil war in that Mid-East nation. Mainly alleged use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians by the regime President Bashar al-Assad.

While our leaders in Washington continues to discuss the situation it appears in the rest of the world action is being taken. For example, Russia has offered a solution to this crisis and President al-Assad appears willing to possibly give up all of his stockpiles of chemical weapons.

This I hope would prevent any military intervention in Syria. There has to be a vested American interest in any military action over there and while laudable to force any nation to adhere to the rules of war it would bother me if we expend American forces once again to the region. In order for me to be convinced that this is right other than for the human rights aspects the American people want to know for sure if it's in their interests to intervene.

Also, the American people don't want this situation to turn out much worse for not only Syrian civilians but for Americans already weary of the conflicts that exist in the Mid-East. I'm rooting for no American military action!

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