Wednesday, June 19, 2013

VIDEO: Few protest over Blackhawks logo

[VIDEO] So after watching the Black Hawks tie their Stanley Cup Final series against the Boston Bruins tonight I see this video with Chicago Tribune editor Eric Krol and reporter John Keilman about why the Hawk's "indian head" logo don't elicit as much protest as other American Indian themed franchises.

This brings to mind the protests against Chief Illiniwek who was the mascot of the University of Illinois' athletic program. The Chief eventually was retired in response to these protest even though U of I athletic teams are still named for the eponymous tribe who once resided in Illinois once up on time.

They mentioned especially the Atlanta Braves who does have an American Indian Tomahawk Chop when they want to rally and then there's the Washington Redskins. As a matter of fact historically the Redskins have an unfortunate history when it comes to race relations and it doesn't just involve American Indians. All the same why doesn't the Hawks elicit the same protests as the Braves and Redskins.

Well one answer makes sense and is suprising. Chicago is home to a diverse number of American Indians representing different tribes. Even better, the Chicago Black Hawks have reached out to local American Indian institutions and have sent representatives to such events. To be sure this is a good move to make nice with that community.

At the same time, going back further in history, the Black Hawks nickname I believe honors American Indians. The "original six" franchise name was based on a 1st World War military unit which was nicknamed in honor of a leader of the Sauk tribe named Black Hawk who was a significant figure in early Illinois history. It seems the other teams that have American Indian themed team names can't make that claim for certain.

Anyway, hopefully I will show highlights of the last two games the Hawks have played. I at least had a chance to watch some of game 4, but didn't have a chance to watch game 3. Time to watch those highlights and hopefully I'll be able to do so in the near future.

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