Friday, June 21, 2013

Stanley Cup Final series tied

In Boston just like in Chicago, both teams were able to win a game on each team's home ice. In Boston, the Bruins won game three and then game four belonged to the Hawks in sudden death OT. The first two games of this series went into sudden death OT. In Game 3 the only non OT decided game, the Hawks were shutout.

In Game 4 OT, the winning goal was scored by Brent Seabrook. Game 4 was a real game and both teams were trading goals between each other.

Below are the highlights of Games 3 & 4 and game 5 will be played at the United Center with faceoff at about 7 PM Chicago time.

GAME 3 Hawks @ Bruins - Bruins win [VIDEO]

GAME 4 Hawks @ Bruins - Hawks win [VIDEO]

BTW, how about that NBA Finals Lebron the cocky punk got him another championship ring! Now that it's all over all eyes on the Stanley Cup final series!

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