Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Unknown Chicago" moves again...

The blog written by Chicago historian John R. Schmidt is moving from his current online digs at If you don't know that's Chicago's local public radio affiliate. He often writes items related to Chicagoland history and it's quite fascinating.

I use the title Unknown Chicago because that was where I first became aware of him. That blog was hosted over at Chicago Now which is operated by the Chicago Tribune. Unfortunately he left there to start his eponymous blog that was subtitles Chicago History Today.

He does have new digs where you can find him at appropriately enough Chicago History Today, however, he says he may not post as often as he has been. He's even busier that he has been since starting the blogs as he's going to be seen on TV in the future and is also authoring a book.

His first post at the new digs is about one of Chicago's most famous characters, gangster Al Capone.

And I look forward to seeing him tells stories about Chicago's past!

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