Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Recruitment drive for Republican candidates in Chicago...

[VIDEO] It's great news that Chicago's Republican organization wants to organize and recruit candidates to run for office in the city whether for not only seats in the General Assembly but also for Alderman. The questions is will this effort be sustained beyond the coming 2014 elections in this state.

All the same this process of recruiting and vetting Republican candidates are referred to as "American Idol style". Perhaps not as glitz & glamor but certainly a process needs to be in place to find credible candidates.

For those who think this hurts Republicans anywhere, the process for Chicago should involve NO litmus tests. Although this may be what works in other more solidly Republican parts of this nation, in an area which aren't solidly Republican this may be counterproductive.

Still, it's great to see some life on the other side of the aisle where it's necessary. Perhaps the number of Republicans in this city can balloon to more than the current estimated 150,000 in a city of about 2.8 million people.

And think about it this way the governor's race in 2010 was razor thin. 45.9% for Republican nominee for Governor Bill Brady, and 46.8% for current Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. A difference of roughly 31,834 votes between both candidates. Who knows the 2014 race for governor may not be so thin but it depends on the candidates and perhaps in 2010 Illinois wasn't particularly happy about both the nominees however first past the post wins in this state.

Also for US Senator in 2010 another thin race where the Republican, Mark Kirk won. Kirk won with 48% and his opponent Alexi Gianoulias had 46.4%. With 59,220 votes between them perhaps another race where voters weren't that happy with the candidates but somehow the Republican nominee for Senate won with more votes than the Republican who lost for Governor.

Perhaps Republican efforts in Chicago could make that much more difference next year. For the most part chipping away at the margins if not outright winning Chicago or Cook County could make a difference for any candidate in any statewide election.

Besides it's pretty lofty goal to state that “This project has the potential to make Illinois a red state”. For now I can just settle for Illinois being a purple or swing state.

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