Thursday, April 18, 2013

A history lesson: The Night Richard J. Daley Bought NBC for JFK

Finding this would've been perfect last year as it was a presidential election year. A little over 52 years ago on November 4, 1960, the Chicago Democratic machine. Oh I'm sorry the Cook County Democratic Party under Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley was able to buy half an hour of air time on NBC to showcase a rally for the Democratic nominee for President, US Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass). I haven't watching the video yet and certainly it would've been nice to see this on YouTube.

This is almost akin to an "informercial" from 2008 shortly before the election where the Obama campaign bought some airtime to get out its message. It definitely was a far cry from what the "last of the big city bosses" did holding a rally at a major venue and broadcasting this on network TV.

It had to have taken lots of money even then. Granted perhaps there weren't a whole lot of costs in doing things like this back them. I would imagine it would be prohibitively expensive today!

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