Thursday, February 14, 2013

The minimum wage debate...

Apparently raising the minimum-wage has become a policy goal for not only Illinois Governor Pat Quinn but also President Obama in their respective annual legislative speeches i.e. State of the State/Union. I'm sure raising it close $10/hr in Illinois and for Obama raising the federal mimimum wage to $9/hr would help out a lot of people who are working minimum wage jobs.

At the same time, there are some unintended consequences. For example not everyone has particularly generous employers who might give you the same amount of hours from week to week or whatever. Hours could get slashed because now the politicians have pushed up the price floor for labor.

The way I see it looking at the graphic I recently found on FB, the minimum wage is only a start especially for those who are just entering the workforce. The graphic is correct in many ways and basically one way of saying a minimum wage position shouldn't carry you all your live. You should be expected to learn new skills, get an education, or otherwise make some sort of contribution to your jobs. If your employer doesn't value that at all and can't help but look at their own bottom line it's time to move on.

Besides, I recognize that this is a tough economy and there aren't many jobs to be had out there. No way of mincing bones about that. Right now it's about taking what you can get and while you got the job you have continue searching for the job that will enable you to pay your bills and get you to the level you wish to be. That's what my motivation is and at the same time I recognize that not all of us will stay at the minimum wage forever.

I just hope the politicians who propose minimum wage increases realize what they're doing. It's well meaning enough sure, but what will the effects be not only on those who are currently working such jobs but the ones who are looking as well. Hopefully the politicos are looking at both sides and not just pushing this through without thinking.


Daleklingon Jr.Sr. said...

Regarding the image provided: Many minimum wage workers are college graduates. Also, why would you assume that minimum wage workers don't contribute much effort to their jobs?

Levois said...

I think the image above is making generalizations. This shouldn't encompass everyone. I was also a college graduate who worked for many years a minimum wage job. Then eventually I found better jobs that paid more. Having a college degree is one thing, there's also motivation too regardless of whether or not you have a degree. There are so many factors to consider for sure.

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