Thursday, January 10, 2013

Facing rebellion, state GOP chair rejects calls to resign over gay marriage support

Well, while the Illinois Republican Party continues to fall behind in an increasingly Democratic state it appears there is a conflict amongst those ranks. This is old news really, the chairman of the state GOP came out in favor of gay marriage which seems to be gaining more and more support even if the legislation hasn't come up for a vote yet.
The state GOP isn't known as being particularly conservative - which makes it odd to me that RINO is often thrown about here - however it's interesting that we do have a segment of the party that wishes for the party to go in a more right wing direction. And going in a more right wing direction means talking about social issues. In this case well the party chairman went against his party on the issue of gay marriage.

The head of Illinois’ beleaguered Republican Party is staring down a revolt from some state party bosses after he bucked the official GOP line last week and urged state lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage.

State GOP Chairman Pat Brady faces growing calls for his resignation, at a time when some Illinois Republicans are rethinking the party’s image and stance on social issues, following a dismal showing in November’s elections.

Conservative groups and activists pounced on Brady shortly after he released a statement last week offering his “full support” of a bill before the General Assembly that would legalize same-sex marriage.

But now the public demands for his ouster are coming from party leaders themselves.

“Pat Brady is a total disgrace,” said Bobbie Peterson, a Republican state central committeewoman from Beecher, Ill.

“He’s a pretty face for TV. He can speak well. Period,” Peterson said. “But what’s coming out of his mouth is not what the Illinois Republican party is about.”

It’s unclear whether the party bosses opposing Brady have enough votes to oust him. But even those who stop short of asking for his resignation plan to take him to the woodshed for neglecting to notify party bosses before he publicly contradicted the party’s platform plank on gay marriage.
 Here's an often stated refrain by Chairman Brady: “We need to change the brand or the image of the party of this group of angry, old white guys,” Brady said. “And that’s what we look like right now.”

That has been said often since the Republicans got trounced in last year's presidential election. Demographics could be the issue of the Republicans in the future. Perhaps Illinois can be the state where Republicans can learn some lessons and gain inroads into new constituencies. Well one can only hope.

Just for kicks watch this interview Brady did last year after the 2012 general elections with local cable access host Jeff Berkowitz.

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