Monday, November 05, 2012

VIDEO: Inner City Blacks Fleeing Barack Obama and the Democrat-Liberal Agenda

[VIDEO] I'm going to give credit to RebelPundit, he goes into the heart of the "hood" to get the story. In this case, he's right in the heart of the far south side of Chicago which is basically Roseland. In fact, he films a memorial to the many youths you have been killed in Chicago. He also appears to be at the Bud Billiken Parade this past summer as well.

Consider this a prequel of sorts to a RebelPundit video I posted last night which showed a recent protest in downtown Chicago outside of a TV studio during an evening news cast. There are a group of Black out there who aren't very happy with the Democratic Party and do not see either the Tea Party or even the Republican Party coming into their community disrupting everything. They basically point at the Democratic machine!

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jakecp said...

YES!! Blacks are finally waking up!

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