Sunday, November 04, 2012

VIDEO: Black Grassroots Activists Protest Obama Fundraiser, City Hall, ABC News in Chicago

[VIDEO] This video was forwarded to me by a Republican Committeeman in Chicago. Write-up about what happened were cross-posted at RebelPundit & Big Government. The American way of protest, finding a venue to rally.

What's depicted in the vid above is a protest outside of our local ABC affiliate studios near State & Lake last week. Black activists attacked WLS-TV as a mouthpiece for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. They attacked demolitions of housing in the Black community that night and talked about how there isn't a lot of opportunity for youth in Black neighborhoods.
According to Mark Carter of the Broke Party, a newly formed group of black grassroots activists fed up with the destruction and blight brought on their community by the liberal agenda, the protest was “about bringing attention to the demolition of homes in Chicago’s black communities on the west and south sides.” These buildings, Carter says, “can still be saved, but the city is tearing them down,” leaving property values and the community in the gutter.

Carter told Breitbart News they chose the Obama fundraiser as the starting point for the protest in order to send a direct message to Rahm Emanuel and Washington, D.C. that they will not be voting on Tuesday for those politicians who are allowing their homes and community to be demolished.

In an effort to bring even further attention to the ongoing issues of the black community in Chicago, the protest ended up outside of ABC 7 News’s local broadcast studio on State Street. This studio can be viewed from the street and sidewalk. When the protesters arrived, they used a bullhorn to announce themselves and called on weather reporter Jerry Taft, seen through the window, not to pretend they weren’t there, prompting a wave from Taft to the protesters.

The protesters waved anti-union signs, anti-NAACP, anti-Rainbow Push, and signs reading "Rahm Hates Black People" in front of the studio as Kathy Brock and Alan Krashesky broadcasted the evening news. They demanded their voices be heard and criticized Emanuel for acting in cahoots with community-organizing front groups ACORN and ACTION Now to put properties in the community into the organizations’ hands. These actions by the Mayor and the corrupt “Chicago Machine” have ensured that construction work only goes to the unions, effectively keeping the residents of the community unemployed.
It's interesting how they threw the liberal word around. Rebel Pundit and Big Government are right-wing news outlets and blogs. They at least attack the right issues which are the dearth of coverage on what's really going on in inner city neighborhoods and more coverage on the politicians.

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