Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Black college graduates may find more success in self-employment

Well I hope they have skill which could ensure  success. I imagine it's easier to be an entrepreneur if you had a law degree or a business degree. It's just one start among others.
Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that black self-employment has been on the rise. The number of self-employed blacks grew by 5.7% from 2007 through 2009, in contrast to the 3.4% experienced by self-employed whites. Some minority entrepreneurs have found a substantial amount of success using social media. Twenty-four year old minority alum of the  University of California at Berkeley alum, Charlie Fyffe, started his dessert business, Charlie’s Brownies, on Facebook. “I started my business initially on Facebook, marketing through a fan page for four years before getting a real Web site,” he said in an interview. “As social media has become a societal norm, the popularity of my brand naturally grew with it.”
You know that just means I need to find a way to start my own business. Should've started in high school because if I had more interest, who knows where things would be today!

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