Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apple has unveiled the iPad mini

[VIDEO] On Tuesday, Apple unveiled new iPads mainly the anticipated mini and one with retina display. The full iPad with retina display is considered the 4th generation. At least the mini doesn't merely look like the iPhone.

I wrote about my use for that device. Figuring that the mini would be perfect for use on the go. Perhaps taking it in your car or for your commute on public transportation.

In fact, if I was going to homecoming this year it would be perfect to carry around on campus just to surf and all that. Hopefully the wifi is operating on campus. During my time there the network would go down at random.

All the same, I'm not in the market for the mini just yet. If nothing else it's certainly a less expensive option to the full-sized iPad. Time will only tell if it sells more than it's much larger sibling. Also for now, I'll just take good care of my iPad 2. :)

BTW, the 5 minute video above talking about the mini is from Apple's official YouTube account. I wonder what took them so long to get on the social networking train!

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