Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pick for VP: It's Congressman Paul Ryan!

[VIDEO] This is really old news, but this blog needs to get in on the action right now. We now know who Romney chose for his pick as Vice President in this year's election. The video above is from C-Span and the article below excerpted is from Washington Post
Republican Mitt Romney reset the race for the presidency as a battle over the size and scope of the federal government Saturday, choosing as his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the architect of the GOP’s plans to slash spending and overhaul Medicare.

In a risky and surprising move to give his campaign a jolt of momentum, Romney chose the 42-year-old congressman over several contenders considered safer bets. The selection seemed destined to shift the tone of a campaign that has become mired in petty squabbles and force a debate over how to tackle the nation’s fiscal challenges.

In tapping the conservative star, Romney inextricably tied himself to Ryan’s controversial vision for erasing the country’s red ink — a revamp of Medicare, deep domestic spending cuts and a restructured tax code that would lower all rates, even for the wealthy.

Romney announced his selection in dramatic fashion Saturday morning, with each man stepping down the deck of the USS Wisconsin — a World War II-era battle ship named for Ryan’s home state — to the soundtrack of the movie “Air Force One.” And at a trio of packed rallies across Virginia, Romney praised his new partner as a servant of America’s working classes and a citizen of integrity, character and vision.

“He’s never been content to simply curse the darkness,” Romney said of Ryan. “He’d rather light candles.”

BTW, I found this picture on Here comes the dirt!
As I type this, my TV is on Sean Hannity. He's called this the dirtiest week in the presidential campaign. There was this ad that featured a worker who had been employed at a company bought out by Bain Capital which former Gov. Romney had been a part. His plant had been shut down and he lost his health insurance and his wife later died from cancer. Here's the ad here [VIDEO]. Also that ad was later fact checked.

Also look at the WP article there was this graphic that resided in the bottom of the browser window.
Not sure if that means anything but certainly there was more speculation about who Romney wanted for VP than any Obama did. Not sure if you can see this as a solid trend to say Obama wasn't doing anything or Romney had more attention. I wonder if anyone have any thoughts.

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