Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Air: Romney, Ryan play offense on Medicare in 60 Minutes appearance

I didn't get to watch the broadcast of the latest edition of 60 Minutes that you can watch here on this blog. But apparently something was amiss:
According to the ever-accurate E-Mail Outrage Sensor, CBS edited this clip when the Romney/Ryan interview went to air, although I wouldn’t know.  I didn’t watch 60 Minutes last night because … well, I don’t watch 60 Minutes at all (and I suspect that’s also true of most of the e-mailers).  However, if it’s true that the show didn’t use the last part of the clip, maybe they were saving it for the network news tonight, or for their morning show today?  After all, Schieffer isn’t a correspondent for 60 Minutes, so I assume the use of excerpts of this interview on last night’s show was as hastily arranged as the interview itself, and perhaps meant to promote a bigger platform.
Hot Air blogger Ed Morrisey further states that "This is the part that readers claim was edited out of the broadcast, which if true would be journalistic malpractice".

Here's the clip below [VIDEO]

Hat-tip Instapundit!

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