Saturday, July 14, 2012

Washington Post: Rep. Jesse Jackson’s political future in question

On my other blog, The Sixth Ward, I discussed this story not any any length but just shared some stories. Bascially noting the controversy over Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr's medical leave from the US House of Representatives. The Sixth Ward is a local blog and therefore explored the local response to his medical leave. Later we found out that he in fact is being treated for "mood disorder".

Anyway, the Washington Post explores the trajectory of Rep. Jackson's career and it's potentially downward trajectory:
Hours before Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president at Invesco Field in Denver in 2008, Rep. Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) settled into the best seat in the house — front row, dead center. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) came along and sat next to him, and the entire arc of the American civil rights movement seemed contained in the moment.

Jackson, the scion of a legendary civil rights leader sitting next to Lewis, an American icon, waiting to watch Obama make history.

The two hugged. “It was a very moving day for him and myself. We didn’t need to speak in a verbal way,” Lewis, now 72, recalled Thursday.

The moment seemed rich with possibility for Jackson. Obama’s triumph promised to open opportunities that were specific to Jackson. An Obama victory in November meant an open Senate seat in Illinois for which Jackson would be a front-runner and an African American president could also change the career trajectory of young, black politicians everywhere.

But those events that were supposed to propel him forward are the ones that seemed to lead to his undoing. What followed for Jackson, 47, has been in a political, professional and personal free fall that has left his career in tatters and his political future in question.

Once regarded as a leading candidate to succeed Obama in the Senate and often mentioned as a possible future mayor of Chicago, Jackson has not been seen in public since June 8.
Now I can see why he's suffering from "mood disorder". He's not happy right now and yeah it probably does border on exhaustion. It seems if he seeks higher office in this nation he may have difficulty.

His name came up for Mayor of Chicago. He could've been Chicago's third Black mayor, but he missed his turn when he decided to remain in the US House after the Democrats won a majority in 2006. Now it looks like in light of his well minor role in the Blago scandal, he may have a tough time moving on from the US House. Time will tell, but hopefully he can overcome his current challenges! Besides recuperation away from the public eye is more important than a political career at this point!

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