Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I watched 60 Minutes Sunday night

[VIDEO] I saw the most recent edition of 60 Minutes when it aired. I really enjoyed the story about the investigation into the life and death of artist Vincent van Gogh. Tonight however I wanted to share the whole episode that in fact started with the life of two homeless families. There was no way it could be justified to favor one story over another.

Both stories are very sad but surely both stories have something that everyone could relate to. Even if you can relate to a homeless family hopefully you can still find ways to help them out. Even if you couldn't relate to a troubled dead artist hopefully you can still relate to him in some way and even find a museum where his art work is located. And even still you can help support a struggling living artist today who hopefully can prove themselves to have the stature of a van Gogh in the future.

So here's all 42 minutes of that edition of 60 Minutes. Feel free to sound off!

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