Thursday, July 19, 2012

Capitol Fax: Managers recommend expulsion for Derrick Smith

This current corruption drama, I've chronicled over time on this blog. Especially chronicled was the general response by state pols. Basically the Democrats rallied to Derrick Smith in order to maintain the seat and mainly in ensure that he won the March primary when he was running against a Republican turned Democrat back then.

Then there were nothing but hearings although I will admit I didn't follow them very closely. The clock ticked as concerned pols mulled over the Smith situation. Besides does it really look good to allow a man who was arrested on suspicion of bribery to remain in office and on the ballot?

Add to that Smith wasn't about to resign or give up his spot on the ballot. Those same concerned pols helps but another candidate on the ballt against Smith in the November General Election and all the while Smith colleagues were still deciding how best to go forward. Today it looks like they have.

A Illinois state house committee recommends explusion for Rep. Smith today. A long time coming but hey while this drama isn't as big as what happened to Rod Blagojevich - well in that case it was just plain spectacular - this still doesn't look very good. Now that we know that he's definitely subject to expulsion from the Illinois House of Representatives, how soon will they vote on it. It sure took them quite a while to come to this conclusion anyway!

Also in that Capitol Fax post is stories about more pols well actually aides to pols who had been indicted by the feds here in Chicago. Oh and while this happened a while ago well earlier this month, our longtime US Attorney - Patrick Fitzgerald - is retired. Looks like his office is still busy however!

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