Sunday, May 27, 2012

What should be on tap here?

You know there have been times I furiously attempted to post just about every day of the week. Lately sometimes I just don't post for a significant period of time. Most of the time work keeps me for posting regularly and sometimes there isn't good material for me to post.

For this most part this is considered a political blog with me as a blogger using this as a soap box platform of sorts. Yeah there are other subjects posted here such as entertainment, technology, or whatever. The beauty of this place is that it's for me to do as I would see fit. It can be as random as necessary!

Someone suggested I do podcasts here. No one really reads or likes to read anyway. That's certainly understandable and in fact I have thought about doing video blogs here - well actually I did one here. Most of my material are boring for the most part.

In fact I do have a YouTube channel. There's not a lot on it and there's a lot to learn about uploading, editing, or even rendering. Indeed the reason you may not see more vids from me is because while uploading is easy there is a general disdain or lack of patience on my part for rendering and editing videos. If it was up to me the videos would be posted raw and they probably will be! Sometimes I need to be a perfectionist and would like to emulate some of what is found out there amongst other "videobloggers" out there on the net. Though at some point it was recognized that well I need my own style!

In any case, perhaps you will see some videos displayed here that I have made. It's unlikely this blog will produce a podcast that is me sitting in from of a microphone talking. Plus surely it would be more interesting if there was more of a conversation than just me talking and that means finding a person to have an interesting conversation with!

This blog while it's my own personal soap box as stated earlier is largely a hobby for me. And there are other hobbies that I either wish to take up or already do. Perhaps that should be seen on this blog as well.

Also I do have some more footage that should see the light of day and I still have a video camera and that's also worth sharing here in the near future!

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