Thursday, May 17, 2012

"The Amateur"

[VIDEO - PART 1 & PART 2] Last night Sean Hannity had as a guest on his FOX News program author Ed Klein of the book The Amateur. It's book about Obama and what figures largely is whether or not an associate of Obama had attempted to bribe for Rev. Jeremiah Wright's silence in the 2008 campaign. Let's not forget this was a big issue a few years ago and there are those who want to bring Wright's name back to the public eye.

We was controversial when he was exposed to the general population of this nation for his fiery preachings when he had been pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Christian Church. For some of his statements in the past and during the campaign Obama had been forced to shun Wright who Obama had described as his spiritual father.

Could Wright's reputation figure in 2012, unlikely but I may be surprised. And also note that there are other subject's discussed in Hannity's interview such as whether or not Obama is fit to be President. And fit according to temperament. What do you think? Is he doing a great job as President or are you looking forward to someone else taking over the Oval Office?

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