Monday, April 02, 2012

Electronic Village: GOP Wingnuts Gone Wild...

Rick Santorum Uses N-Word to Describe President Obama

[VIDEO] Found this video via Electronic Village. It seems like a slip of the tongue from former US Senator Rick Santorum what I heard but then hey the remaining GOP candidates for President may be feeding off of the general disapproval of President Obama right now.

Perhaps the Republicans might want to beware of such "gotcha" moments such as this. Surely the Democrats and other Obama supporters are looking for video such as this to help the President.

FTR, I'm not at all a Santorum fan and this may well prove to be a difficult election where it would be difficult to decide who should be President for the next four years at least! Of course that depends on who wins as Obama will have only one more term while any of the Republicans could have as many as eight years.

We'll see!

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