Saturday, March 03, 2012

My thoughts on Andrew Breitbart...

On March 1st, conservative activist and webmaster Andrew Breitbart passed away suddenly he was only 43 years old. Oh and webmaster is probably an understatement as he own many websites (especially that allows internet users to follow the newswires and such. In addition to that he had many blogs that covered government, foreign affairs, and even Hollywood.

I've been wading in the internet waters for many years now finding a home at various web-forums that no longer exist today. I started blogging full-time in 2005, and would've liked to have followed in Breitbart's footsteps although there's no way for me to know where to start. Just that my interest wouldn't have necessarily been in being a ideological warrior.

I've never met Breitbart, but I do follow him on Twitter (@andrewbreitbart). He's often referred to as a happy warrior and it seems he relished a good fight and often found it on Twitter. That in addition to the real world where one can find videos of him arguing with random people out there.

One day I tweeted him asking why is he even responding or re-tweeting those knuckleheads on Twitter who don't like him. He didn't respond to me directly, however, I knew it was directed towards me in fact it was possible he sort of got smart with me. His response was along the lines of he doesn't really care and isn't really affected by those who insists on hurling insults and what not at him.

In that world, it's best not to be affected by people who would hurl insults at you. One would probably burn out quick and those who hate you will only be elated if they got a rise out of you. In some cases that's exactly what they do want to get you in trouble because you lost your temper.

It's unfortunate that  he won't be around to expel his passion any longer. His media empire still exists at least and hopefully will continue to exist. Sadly no more appearances on C-Span or even FOX News' Red Eye. Hopefully though there are a number of people who have followed over the years who can expel their passion over the issues that Breitbart cared about.

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John Ruberry said...

Levois...the ones still here will continue his fight.

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