Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dick Morris in Chicago...

[VIDEO] John Ruberry of Marathon Pundit has video from an event Saturday night. Dick Morris spoke Saturday night at a fundraiser for Chicago Republican William J. Kelly who seeks to become the Republican Committeeman for the 42nd Ward. If you're not familiar with Chicago wards the 42nd ward mostly encompasses the downtown area.

Anyway, Morris took a serious shot at the state of Chicago and Illinois politics in the vid above. He referred to the Chicago Republicans as pathetic and also stated that Chicago is slowly becoming Detroit.

I've often attempted to follow the Republican scene in Chicago. Often the Republicans of the 42nd Ward consider themselves the most dynamic GOP organization in Chicago. Certainly it helps that they're out of downtown Chicago where the money is. That's not an indictment at all, the ward still elected a Democratic alderman and that area of the city have yet to actually elect a Republican Alderman. In fact the last Republican Alderman in Chicago had been elected from the northwest side's 41st ward.

Incidentially in my own ward - The Sixth Ward - there is a very dyanmic race for Democratic Committeeman between Ald. Roderick Sawyer & Richard Wooten. This is a rematch of sorts from last year's aldermanic election where Ald. Sawyer knocked off a long time incumbent in a run-off and Wooten himself placed third in the actually municipal election.

Also in the 6th, is the race for GOP Committeeman. Three men are running including the incumbent committeeman. Alas only one has been as of yet visible as I've actually seen him at a local candidates forum introducing himself. Another local blog referred him as being very visible as his two opponents, especially the incumbent has yet to be heard from.

In attempting to follow Republicans in Chicago it gets interesting and we find out quickly why they rarely if ever make headway. We've got many who refuse to stick their neck out, a lot of infighting, or even a realization that they have very little influence with Chicago voters.

To be sure bringing Dick Morris into the city could help a fledgling Republican organization in Chicago, but the question is would he bring legitimacy to any Republican campaign? With all things time will only tell!

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