Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Capitol Fax: Pat Quinn’s softer side

Rich Miller at CapFax praises a piece by local broadcaster Bob Sirott. Mainly looking at how Gov. Quinn going around Harrisburg, IL which was hammered by severe storms within the past week. He was still there even after the TV cameras went away. He was even compared to former President Gerald Ford who had to succeed the disgraced Richard Nixon who resigned the Presidency.

BTW, I'm no less a fan of Quinn's performance in office since he became Governor. It leaves a lot to be desited but one point is true that he's bringing some semblance of honor to the office of Governor of Illinois. His former running mate, one Rod Blagojevich who had been removed from office in 2009, certainly left a stain on the office due to his own transgressions. Also Blago's immediate predecessor George Ryan left a stain of his own except he was sent to prison for crimes that took place before he even became Governor.

We're being reminded that Illinois has two former Governors in prison right now and these governors served back to back to each other. Still let's be glad that we have a person who is a genuine one and very honest in his conduct. Let's hope that our state can find such leaders to lead Illinois in the future!

BTW, I did that image in photoshop not long after Rod Blagojevich had been ousted from the Governorship over three years ago!

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