Friday, March 16, 2012

Blago goes to prison and more Illinois corruption...

[VIDEO] The video above is raw video provided by AP. I didn't really follow all the coverage today. People were cheering him before he left Chicago and apparently there were those who cheered him on as he headed towards prison. I really have little idea as to what to say about that.

On CLTV, they talked about Blago going to prison. There was one viewer call taken on air which was very sympathetic for the governor. In fact they went so far to say he is a man of God and he has not broken down yet! Unbelievable but oh well people for whatever reason like who they like.

When people talk about his legacy to Illinois it will be that he left the state in continued financial turmoil even inspite of his need to tout his record such as health care for children or free transit rides for senior citizens. He wasn't worried about paying for such entitlements just putting it out there so he can have a political career. As we know now he practically was cynical about free health care for children. In fact one of those charges against involved attempting to extort money from a children's hospital.

Anyway, now is the time to let the man go into prison. A lot of people like to mention the family he leaves behind outside of the prison walls in Colorado. He does have two young daughters and I try to remember that they're not responsible for all the wrong he did. Hopefully they get something from this.

As for the second part of this posting well Illinois still pays the price for those politicians who still do wrong. This article from the Chicago Tribune takes aim at the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives:
The powerful Illinois House speaker and Democratic Party chairman won't comment on whether a lawmaker charged with bribery should step down just days before the primary election.

A spokesman said Thursday that Michael Madigan is "reviewing" the situation surrounding the arrest of Chicago Democratic Rep. Derrick Smith. The spokesman would not elaborate.

Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady is criticizing Madigan. He says the Democratic leader should "publicly condemn" Smith's action.

Madigan's campaign fund has provided more than $60,000 in assistance to Smith's primary campaign - more than any other Democratic legislative candidate.
For those who want to criticize Madigan, not sure what to say here. I don't think it's in the best interest of the caucus to allow a man who was arrested for outright bribery to become the nominee for a state house district. Bad form but Smith is in the hot seat right now not me and only he can do the right thing now that the spotlight is on him.

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