Monday, February 06, 2012

Illinois economics and labor

The Capitol Fax has a graphic about how Illinois fares economically with other nearby states. Illinois is expected to outperform both Indiana and Wisconsin according to a report released by the Federal Reserve. And according to the colored legend of this map Michigan will also outperform Illinois, Indiana, & Wisconsin.

In that same post is Rich Miller's syndicated column talking about Gov. Quinn's state of the state speech he delivered last week. I didn't actually get to watch the speech but it seems Quinn may well have delivered one of his best speeches yet. Still, it notes that for the high notes the speech made there were many who still weren't in the mood for it in light of the many problems of our state including $35 billion in unpaid bill by the state. Read the whole thing when you get a chance.

I haven't followed this as I would've like but it's been news that Indiana had enacted legislation that would make them a "right to work" state. According to this graphic provided by Newsalert, Illinois is one of many states around the nation that's a "forced unionism state". Of course there was also a report that Gov. Quinn said Indiana's transition wouldn't affect Illinois.
I'm curious how he procured this map. If it's available at any particular website. I should send Bartin an e-mail!

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