Thursday, January 12, 2012

PJ Tatter: ‘Pick Romney’s VP Now’ Poll Contest

If it looks like it could be Romney - even though it's very early in the primary process so far - there is one place that's already having fun looking at who could be the GOP VP nominee. Let's remember though that ultimately we're voting for President and whoever may be the running mate it's still largely Romney's show. If most Republicans aren't that thrilled with Romney why would anyone thing this might help him get over the top?

Besides, while McCain made a "maverick" move in 2008 to nominate a relative unknown then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin it may have backfired on him as the campaign continued. She's now very well known herself these days, but she's unwilling to pull a trigger on a national run. All the same hopefully Romney will choose someone who can not only compliment his campaign but certainly someone who is a known quantity that can handle the national exposure.

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