Monday, January 02, 2012

For some reason I like this...

[VIDEO] I'm really admiring Jimmie "Big Daddy" DeRamus of a pawn shop out of Alexandria, Louisiana. This promo for his new History program Cajun Pawn Stars seems very bombastic and boastful. Especially over the "anything goes" aspects of his business.

Tonight I just saw an old episode of Insomnia. Remember that show, Dave Atell would go around various cities late at night and that would take up a whole episode. Anyway he spoke to the original "Pawn Star" Rick Harrison [VIDEO] back then when Rick appeared to have hair and it seems even with the Harrison family of Las Vegas anything goes.

If you're not up to buying anything in that business then there's a good chance you won't make money. Of course you have to do that without arousing the suspicion of the authorities.

To be sure, it feels like the History channel is going the direction that's getting them viewers. There was a time I couldn't get away from episodes of Modern Marvels or another WW2 documentary on that network. Now I can't get away from people who deal in antiques, pawn shops, pickers, mounters, or even truck drivers. It almost makes me wonder if History isn't going in the right direction and it's less about history than to show people making money off of it.

Either way I would like to see the southern version of Pawn Stars hit the small screen in the near future!

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Jimmie DeRamus said...

I to like Isiah 1:17. The 32 banner over our building states'in God we Trust" and the 10 commandments by the side of the door stands for itself. Anyone who hs a problem with either, is well to their belief as long as they respect ours and our customers while visiting. Lefts work toward a positive Louisiana. The people have help to make this show. The Deramus Family are only part of it. Louisiana is beautiful, great people, good food, lots of treasures and a sense of humor. Lets get the world to laugh with us and not at us. Thanks to all that have helped and to those who intend to. Stop by and experience the ambiance for yourself. We would just love to meet you. Regards 'cajun Pawn Stars"

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