Thursday, December 01, 2011

What Cain's presence in GOP means to black conservatives


[VIDEO] Any story about the emergence of Black Republicans or conservatives I often take with only a grain of salt. There is a young man from The Sixth Ward who can't be described as conservative although he's more than free to correct me on this assertion who interested in covering Black conservatives in Chicago through is own production company.

Anyway I found this WGN story from early November. This was way before the many issues that have found Cain's Presidential bid hobbling currently.

Some of what's noted is stuff I could believe. Blacks basically are described as socially conservative. Black folks probably could relate somewhat to the evangelical base of the Republican Party. The issues may include abortion or even gay marriage.

Other issues probably aren't that important to different segments of the Black community. Economic development is one issue that should be important but there isn't enough talk of the entrepreneurs or small business owners. That's not to say there aren't Black small business owners or entrepreneurs, but if there is a discussion of economic development in Black communities, that doesn't appear to dominate. What may dominate is tax money and perhaps hassling corporations to black their business in Black communities.

Another thing said in this story that I agree with. A group of Black conservatives were interviewed in this piece and one of them said the issue was of messaging. He explained that the issue isn't entirely the message, but of the messenger. That aspect I think is dead on. Could Herman Cain be that messenger? If not him then who else?

All the same I've said it before and I will say it again. History may well be an important aspect of attracting Blacks to the GOP. They could mention Abraham Lincoln, Republican historic support for Civil Rights, or even famous Blacks who were Republicans.

I've often stated there must be more. Republicans have to offer Black something and in saying that I don't mean "pork". It's safe to say Democrats had a hold on the Black community because they offered something. Perhaps it was support for Civil Rights or even programs to help Black people during the New Deal or the Great Depression.

There is some answers to this. Any potential Republican Black or white or whatever could talk a lot about education and offer their ideas on this subject. While today there are reports that even charter school struggle in Chicago it's OK to talk about such an issue or to talk school vouchers. Black folks for the most part wants to ensure that their children are successfully education.

Another answer certainly is economic development. The answer can't be redistributing wealth, but certainly making it easier for Black to use their talents and prosper. At that I don't mean being entertainers or athletes. We all have a talent for something, and that talent could be used to make money. Some are good at sales, some are good at producing.

See there Republicans reading this blog got some free advice right there. All they need are some messengers. :P

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