Monday, December 19, 2011

Time for a new direction?

Well I wanted to write a blog for New Year's resolutions and the first post was intended to be about this blog.

To start with the blog, this place has been publishing consistently since 2005. If you've followed this blog from day one, you might have seen it reach various phases. From more of a conservative blog to more of a local blog and so on.

I've always treated this blog as more of a hobby although there are other blogs that I operate that I use for a more serious purpose. This at least is one place I could use often as a soapbox of sorts on any issue of my choosing. For the foreseeable future it will remain so.

The issue may be in choosing the subjects or an area of expertise. This could always be a Chicago blog, although I try not to make it too hyperlocal. There is already a place for that!

Sadly it can't said that I'm a professional that offers something unique as far as skills or a niche. In fact that could be considered another of my New Year's resolutions. Still that's certainly what I need for this blog.

I'm still learning something new in life and probably will continue to do so. Perhaps there is no need for a singular focus, still. Although there is one thing to consider.

I had intended for this blog to be for almost long forum posts. As was stated earlier this is supposed to be my own soap box. A place to write an essay of sorts as had been the intention when I started this blog. Instead of just linking to articles that catch my eye perhaps in the new year, I just need to start really writing again. In which case that also means I have to step up my researching game.

I've also stated earlier that this place is treated as a hobby, and hopefully that's what it'll always be. What great joy in life is to share your passions and your ideas with the rest of the world and not get paid for it. Although if one is really good at what they do then who knows getting paid is in the future. Let's see what 2012 has in store!

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