Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Illinois Channel: Christmastime at Illinois' Executive Mansion

[VIDEO] Been quite a while since I linked to anything from the Illinois Channel. It's very much worthwhile to see a program about Illinois' Executive Mansion.

You know it's still unclear to me if our current Governor Pat Quinn actually lives at the residence when he's in Springfield. Perhaps he stays there when the General Assembly is in town but otherwise he makes his way to suburban Oak Park when he has no business in Springfield.

When he replaced Rod Blagojevich as Governor in 2009, it seemed his plan to move into this place and often referred to it as "The People's House". Blagojevich seemed to refuse to even stay in the mansion during his time as Governor opting to take flights back and forth between his Chicago home and Springfield. When his work habits were examined not long before he was removed from office one of the grips was how much it cost to fly him back and forth.

Well sorry to turn this positive program into a negative. We have another weekend to go before Next weekend is Christmas and I promised that this year I'm going to feel the spirit. Hopefully if you're an Illinoisian you will feel the Christmas spirit watching the 10 minute program from the Illinois Channel about the Executive Mansion.

In spite of the many issues of this state which will include the fiscal issues and the corruption for which Blagojevich was recently sentence, let's recognize that Illinois has plenty of treasures. And not all of those treasures reside in Chicago or the Chicago area either.

BTW, in Chicago you can watch Illinois Channel programming on CAN-TV!

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