Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A case of doing way too much...

The Chicago City Council had their meeting today was too sleepy to even watch online although I did hear it cut out prematurely at one point. Suppose I've have to catch them next time as they still have to debate remapping the City Council Wards. Something I'm following intently over at The Sixth Ward.

Here a Tribune article about the attempt to ban plastic bags!
Large stores in Chicago would be banned from putting shoppers' products in plastic bags under a proposal introduced today.

Ald. Proco "Joe" Moreno, 1st, said the plastic bag ban would put Chicago near the forefront of American cities in what he characterized as a progressive move to improve the environment.

"Every day, our streets, our sidewalks, our parks are filled every day with these bags," Moreno said, holding up a plastic shopping bag at a City Hall press conference. "They are horrible for our environment."Similar prohibitions on plastic bags have been discussed in the City Council in the past. In 2008, aldermen initially proposed outlawing them, before dropping that idea in the face of opposition from Mayor Richard Daley. Instead, the council passed an ordinance requiring large chain stores to provide recycling for plastic bags, but Moreno said that hasn't worked because the bags are difficult to recycle. 
I think there are much bigger priorities in our fair city. Getting the schools in good shape, bringing jobs back into the city, and finally getting that city budget in good shape as was one purpose for today's city council meeting.

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