Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GAFFNEY: Who lost the world? - Washington Times

GAFFNEY: Who lost the world? - Washington Times

I'm not going to excerpt this one. This will have to speak for itself.

I've somewhat followed the Libyan situation. Gaddafi murdered by his people, and then I hear that the new regime may institute Sharia law not much different than in either Iran or Saudi Arabia.

After years of being under repressive and dictatorial rule you would hope that a nation would want democracy. I fear the Libyan people aren't going to get much different than what they rebelled against.

Of course even more disturbing is a Mexico in disarray! Narcotrafficers and their Hezbollah allies. I need to read more about that issue as well.

Dangerous world and Frank Gaffney points at the administration in the White House RIGHT NOW!!!

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