Friday, September 30, 2011

Carol Moseley Braun: The final insult...

It's amazing that after her failed mayoral campaign this year, we're still talking about her. This time for some discrepencies in her campaign funds she blames a long time supporter - who served as her mayoral campaign treasurer - deriding her as "elderly and overwhelmed".

In any event Capitol Fax has a round-up and perhaps gives reasons why the former US Senator hasn't a very successful political career even after serving one term in the US Senate:
To suggest that this problem was caused by [Billie] Paige’s age and lack mental acuity is just flat-out disgusting and wrong. She’s still as sharp as a tack. The real problem was a wholly disorganized and disjointed campaign apparatus created by Braun’s total incompetence. Nobody knew what was going on from minute to minute because Braun thought she knew best. She didn’t.

Carol Braun ran a terrible campaign, and these financial reporting problems are further proof of this fact. Thankfully, she has finally been exposed as the horribly disorganized, mean-spirited person many of us have long known her to be.

It was obvious to all of us who knew her that Paige realized early on that she’d made the biggest mistake of her life by convincing Braun to run for mayor. It weighed on her heavily, and probably broke her heart.
You know I wonder if it had always been a mistake for Braun to run for mayor. What made anyone think she should run for mayor? Perhaps at some point even some of her long time supporters may have seen a train wreck coming!

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