Tuesday, September 06, 2011

American Rattlesnake: No-Bama in 2012?

Something to consider from the blog that often writes about immigration issues:
Debate is a good thing for any republic, and it would be especially good for the Democratic party.  The past half century has seen the Democratic party shift from a party primarily of socially conservative working class people, to a bizarre hodge-podge of non-white economically challenged racial identity groups and ultra-liberal hyper-educated whites.  It’s a combination that has been a failure at the polls, and worse, a great failure in governance.
Not to stray from the main issue from that website, they bring it back to how the Democrats should recognize that they may need to address the immigration question.

I suppose we're seeing the failure of this Democratic coalition currently at the national level. Even if immigration isn't the only issue that hurting this nation.

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