Friday, August 12, 2011

Ward Room: Why Neo-Confederate Tea Partiers Need Joe Walsh

From NBC Chicago's Ward Room blog the skewering of the Tea Party and Conservatives continues:
Why has Rep. Joe Walsh become one of the faces of the Tea Party movement?

According to author Michael Lind, writing in Salon, it may be because the Tea Party doesn’t want to show its real face: as the latest iteration of white Southern radicalism, which dates all the way back to the Nullification Crisis of 1832, when South Carolina declared it had the right to ignore federal laws.

Lind, who is himself a Texan, points out that 63 percent of Tea Party Caucus members are Southerners. Only 19 percent are Midwesterners. (None are from New England, which is ironic, given the movement’s name.)
Why aren't there more "minorities" in the Tea Party movement? I don't consider myself a tea partyer myself, but sympathize with some of their issues, especially government spending.

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