Thursday, August 04, 2011

Marathon Pundit: Leftists protest Obama at 50th birthday party fundraiser in Chicago

Well he got some pics, but there probably wasn't anything at the "Jobs Bash" that I failed to attend.
A Tea Party Jobs Bash was planned for the Green Mill a block away from the Aragon but it fizzled out--if it had started at all. Leftists had a hissy fit and harassed the management of the bar with nasty phone calls and emails.
The left has their issues with President Obama and were in force last night. I noted on my Twitter account that there were immigration protesters there. "Yes we can...stop the deportation".

Of course immigration dissidents weren't the only ones there either!

Like I said, next time I plan to bring a friend. :P

UPDATE I didn't notice that he also shot some video of immigration protestors in Uptown! [VIDEO]

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