Monday, June 27, 2011

Republicans courting the black vote...

field negro makes a statement that should apply to all Republicans courting the Black vote.
I see that Newt is courting the black vote for the "grand old party" these days. Memo to Newt: If you want to get black folks to vote for your party, tell us what you will do for us that will uplift our condition, not how bad Obama has been for us.
OK, I can understand that. Although there are those out there who just think we shouldn't cater a platform to one particular group.

What can the Republicans offer the Black community that the Democrats can't? Don't just think this is all about more welfare or anything like that. If Black folk has had it bad in this country and the "Great Society" and its successors didn't solve the issues it's time to think outside of the box!

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cssjones78 said...

It is a long gone issue about the blacks and the whites. I think, what this opposing parties should focus on is the welfare of the people and the whole country as well. No more whites, no more blacks or other color or races. We should work as one. Work for a common goal.
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