Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Capitol Fax: Maybe one day

You know I sympathize with libertarians on some issues. The philosophy of libertarianism is to let things be. This post by Rich Miller (probably a long way from libertarian) makes sense to me. He writes about those people who are vehemently opposed to video gaming then turns to talking about drugs.

Basic argument with both, if you legalize video gambling and illegal drugs you may well take away the danger illegal element. The organized crime won't be as interested in video gambling when it's legal because while it's illegal they'll want a cut of the money. The same goes for drugs organized crime will do what it takes to makes its money.

Alas when either of these "vices" were legalized you have those who will insist it's bad. If video gambling is legal organized crime will really have a field day. If illegal drugs are now legal to consume it will be a public health nightmare.

Well I don't know about video gambling. As for legalizing those drugs that are currently illegal I do support legalizing the sale and consumption of some drugs. For example I have little issue with legalizing marihuana. And Miller is right when he says that "it’s a pretty darned safe bet that Walgreen’s and CVS employees aren’t going to be shooting at each other if their employers are the ones selling pot".

Perhaps the sale of marihuana is safer in a store than on a street corner. At that it's also safer if grown by a reputable producer of marihuana. If an honest producer wants to become weathly - and legally - quality control would have to be the key, right?

One day the public will understand the lessons of the prohibition era of the 1920s.

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